Our Bumping Spaces

RENCP offers various opportunities to engage in the broad education sector through information sharing, collaboration and advocacy. Below are some of them:

The General Assembly

On a quarterly basis, the whole membership of the RENCP is welcomed to a General Assembly in which a macro-view of Rwanda’s education sector is fostered through feedback from working groups and development partners. New opportunities and new food for thought are introduced for the benefit of the whole membership, and General Assemblies are also valuable times of networking. Non RENCP members can attend General Assemblies as guests and learners but with no voting right.

View reports from the previous General Assemblies

Working Groups

At the heart of the RENCP are 5 working groups established by member organizations to directly collaborate within thematic areas ranging from Early Childhood Care and Development to Teacher Development and Educational Leadership. Chaired by member organizations, these working groups self-organize learning labs, field visits to areas of operation, provide input into policy dialogue, etc. RENCP Working groups are open to non-members as well. Learn more about our Working Groups.

Involvement into the national policy-making framework


Through the RENCP and Working Groups Co-Chairs, members are given the opportunity to be represented on relevant national strategic forums or technical groups to solicit and provide timely feedback into the policy-making framework where the Ministry of Education graciously invites RENCP. This is a great opportunity for RENCP members to build synergy and to foster collaboration with the Ministry of Education and its affiliated agencies. These spaces also allow our members to connect with key Development Partners and Donors in the broad education sector.Read more about the RENCP Collective Impact