TOR for Annual Review of RENCP



The Rwanda Education NGO Coordination Platform (RENCP) is a gathering of international and local umbrella NGOs active in the education sector in Rwanda. For the Past Financial year June 2010 to June 2011, RENCP secured funding from UNICEF to implement some of the activities on the action plan. We are concluding the financial year in June 2011 and therefore would like to document the best practices and lessons learnt in the first year of operations. This documentation will bring out a concrete report to our partner UNICEF which will be shared widely within the Education sector. The consultancy of 5 days will analyze and elaborate lessons learnt by member organizations in order to reinforce the way of working and inform the strategy for the upcoming years .    

The overall objective of the consultancy is to document the benefits, challenges, lessons learnt and  best practices of the RENCP since  June 2010  to June 2011 and to determine to what extent the objectives of the action plan have been met.

Specific objectives of the study

  • To document the lessons learned from RENCP
  • Assess the current challenges the RENCP is facing
  • Propose  recommendations to overcome those challenges
  • To produce a concrete report that will be presented to UNICEF outlining progress towards achieving the objectives of the action plan.

Proposed approach

The consultant will design the data collection check list and interview at least 50% of the members to get their views. He/she will also design and facilitate a 2 hour process for getting more insights from members during the next RENCP meeting scheduled for 16th or 17th June.

Expected result

A written consultancy report highlighting achievement of results, lessons learned, challenges faced (including direct quotations) and recommendations for further development of the platform

Duration and timing;

The survey will be conducted for 5 working days between 9st June to 23rd June 2011

  • Literature review – ½ day
  • Design of survey instruments and sampling criteria, ½ day;,
  • Field work, 2 days;
  • Annual Review facilitation and presentation of preliminary findings  ½ day
  • Report finalization: 1 ½ days.


The survey will be funded by the RENCP using funds provided by UNICEF. The fee for the consultant will be 1,000 US$ payable upon submission of acceptable report.

Call for proposals: Interested consultants should send CV and letter of interest by e-mail before 12:00 on Tuesday 7th June 2011 to: copied to and

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