Rwanda Reads Campaign


Rwanda Reads is an initiative of the Quality Implementation Working Group, which brings together Ministry of Education and Development Partners who are contributing to the quality of education in Rwanda. The overall aim is to develop the reading culture in Rwanda, particularly among children, and particularly reading for enjoyment rather than study. The initiative is likely to launch officially in late 2011, and planning has been ongoing. There are currently 4 ‘strands’ to Rwanda Reads:

  • Awareness raising campaign
  • School best practice competition
  • Writing competition (to encourage the writing of new story books, particularly in Kinyarwanda, and by non-professional authors)
  • Getting more story books into Rwanda (from the region and overseas as well)

The major issue at the moment is fundraising. The initiative is seeking funds from donors but is also interested in public-private partnerships, such as with MTN.

For more info or to get involved, please feel free to get in touch with Charlotte Philipps from VSO-Rwanda.

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