REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL “Literacy Community Volunteer Program”



1.      Background

The Language, Literacy and Learning Initiative (L3) is a USAID-funded 5-year project implemented by the Education Development Center (EDC) in collaboration with the Ministry of Education (MINEDUC). One of the major goals of L3 is to improve reading skills in P1 to P4.

As part of its’ program of support, the L3 initiative is interested in developing and implementing a Literacy Community Volunteer Program that would see interested community members trained in how to:  1) support struggling readers – both in the classroom and after school hours – and 2) initiative activities to develop young people’s interest in reading and writing.

2.      Purpose and Eligibility

The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to invite prospective offerors to submit a proposal to provide for the design and implementation of a community literacy/numeracy program in Rwanda. This competition is open to project eligible and certified NGOs, community training institutions, private sector education and training providers, community-based associations, cooperatives, and/or private businesses.

 3.      Coverage and Participation

The services included in this Request for Proposal (RFP) shall be used to improve reading skills for students in grades P1 to P4 purposes in Rwanda.

 4.      Statement of Work

The offeror will be responsible for overseeing the design, development and management of the Literacy Community Volunteer Program in at least 12 L3 action research sites.

The purpose of the Volunteer Program is to recruit community members interested in working with young learners to develop their reading skills – either in the classroom or outside of school hours.

The proposed activities will be carried out in at least 12 centers and will result in the presentation to the MINEDUC of a field-tested training and implementation program that can be replicated in all communities across the country.

 5.      Duration

The Literacy Community Volunteer Program is expected to run for a period of two (2) years.

 6.      Deadline date and Submission

Interested offerors are invited to get Full request for Proposal at EDC/L3 project located at Prester house (3rdfloor), boulevard de l’Umuganda, Kacyiru on any working day from 8h00 am to 5h00 pm by October 24th, 2012 and an Information Session will be held on 29th October 2012 at 9:00 am to 11:00 am at EDC/L3 Meeting Room.

Full proposal must be delivered to EDC/L3 via email to by November 12th, 2012 before 5 p.m.



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