Notes from the RENCP General Assembly | 26 February 2016 at Classic Hotel Kicukiro


On February 26, 2016, The Rwanda Education NGOs Coordinating Platform held its first General Assembly session of the year 2016. The meeting was voluntarily sponsored by Chance for Childhood, RENCP member.  This important rendezvous was an opportunity for RENCP members to reconnect and to exchange ideas in order to foster collaboration between different members, to update each other on key accomplishments as well as challenges encountered in the implementation of national plans and strategies, and to strengthen the advocacy in the broad  education sector. RENCP General Assemblies are also opportunities for Education NGOs to engage with development partners like the Rwanda Education Board (REB) as well as DFID and UNICEF.

Highlights from the General Assembly:

  • 60+ people representing their respective member organisations were present
  • Members received a warm welcoming remark from the Chairing Organization, PLAN International Rwanda
  • Chance for Childhood, the hosting organization, made a compelling presentation on their investment in the life of children through their educational programmes (See the attached powerpoint presentation)
  • Members were updated on key broad sector updates
  • Save the Children facilitated interactive group discussions on key issues faced by RENCP members at both policy and implementation levels
  • REB/TDM offered an overall presentation on the implementation of the new competency-based Curriculum, followed by questions, discussions and recommendations
  • RENCP Working Groups, presented key advocacy issues to the participants
    Members were updated and introduced to the RENCP members needs survey
  • 4 organisations were approved as new RENCP member organisations

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Various presentations and Advocacy issues from RENCP Working Groups:

The General Assembly in pictures

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