Innovation for Education Call for Full Proposals Launched


This is to inform you that the Innovation for Education (IfE) call for full proposals was launched on Friday 5 October 2012.

By 19 September 2012, Innovation for Education (IfE) had received 150 Expressions of Interest. The Fund Manager went through a thorough process of EOI evaluation by having a team of 6 evaluators going in detail through all applications and score them in accordance with the score sheet (that was made available from the IfE website). The evaluators evaluated in pairs (one grant management expert and one education expert) and each project was assessed by at least two different persons.

The Fund Manager presented the findings of the evaluation and facilitated decision-making to arrive at the final shortlist, with final decision-making being with the UK Government (DFID) and the Ministry of Education (MINEDUC). A total of 41 projects were selected by DFID and MINEDUC to go through to the next stage, which is the preparation of a full proposal.

The deadline for submission of full proposals is Friday 2 November 2012. The “full proposal pack” is available from the IfE website:, which also includes a list of the shortlisted organizations.

On Friday morning at 9 am the Fund Manager will organise a session for shortlisted organizations in Kigali, briefing them further on issues in relation to proposal preparation, with a particular focus on (i) innovation, (ii) M&E and (iii) budget issues.


On behalf of the IF Management

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