Early Childhood Committee Invitation


Rwanda Education NGO Coordination Platform (RENCP) is a member organization that facilitates networking opportunities between NGOs working on educational issues, and encourages harmonization between organizations to learn from and support each other in our efforts.

Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) is relatively new in Rwanda, and interest in ECCD, how to support school readiness, and encouraging transition to primary school is increasing. Within RENCP is an ECCD Committee, chaired by Save the Children-Rwanda and co-chaired by Plan International, which is striving to increase awareness of and an understanding about what ECCD is and related issues.

In this interest, we are proposing to add an ECCD-focused section to the RENCP website; as an organization that works with ECCD, we would like your assistance and feedback to make this project as harmonized as possible.

The key topics proposed for the ECCD website include:

  1. Perspectives on ECCD
  • Key definitions of terms
  • Different understandings and implementations of ECCD

2.   Case Studies/achievements of ECCD in Rwanda

  • Group perspectives of our ECCD partners

3.    A Way Forward: Is there any topic one would like to add or change?

As previously said, we want to make this as inclusive of all ECCD partners currently in Rwanda as possible. We plan to compile all replies into one cohesive summary for the website. The next RENCP meeting is anticipated to be the week of 27th to 30th June; Save the Children and Plan International will be meeting 17th June to consolidate replies for the RENCP meeting.

Replies can be sent at the latest by Wednesday June 15th to:

Thank you for your help and partnership in implementing ECCD in Rwanda!



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