Community Education Sensitization Campaign


Millennium Villages Project (MVP) has organized an Education Sensitization campaign in Mayange sector of Bugesera district. This campaign will be held at different cells in Mayange

The major aim is to sensitize parents and the entire community of the sector on their roles and responsibilities in the education of their children at all levels and highlight them further on the National education sector policy.

We shall also look at the School feeding program, brainstorm on strategies of making this program sustainable as WFP is pulling out.

PTC members who had a study tour on functional/active PTCs in Huye with Concern worldwide sponsored by RENCP will also share their experiences and lessons learnt on how parents and communities can actively participate in the education of their children for a common good.

The Agenda of the week is as follows:

  • Tuesday 14th at Kagenge cell
  • Wednesday 15th at Gakaba & Kibilizi Cell
  • Thursday 16th at Mbyo Cell
  • Friday 17th at Kibenga Cell

All these cells are in Mayange and will be starting always from 12:00 to 4:00 pm.

MVP would therefore like to invite interested RENCP members to attend one of these events, it’s an opportunity of experience sharing and follow-up on the impact of the PTC study tour.

However, in order to ease the coordination of this process, a best attendance day can be discussed for RENCP members who want to participate. MVP has also organized transport and Lunch for RENCP members willing to attend.

Interested members are kindly requested to confirm their participation at the latest on Monday 13th June 2011.

For any clarifications or to confirm your participation, please feel free to send an email to the following email address: or call 0788 760273


Education Coordinator/Millennium Villages Project



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