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The Rwanda Education NGO Coordination Platform (RENCP), is a gathering of international and local umbrella NGOs active in the education sector in Rwanda. One of the objectives of the Platform is to strengthen the contribution of local NGOs to the education sector. This is in the belief that local NGOs can help raise education standards through their participation in education governance, local monitoring and community mobilisation activities. Records held by the Ministry of Education indicate that there are many registered NGOs with an education mandate in Rwanda. Unfortunately these registered NGOs seem not to be that active on the ground, raising questions on their roles and mandates. The RENCP aims to build the capacity of the local NGOs so that they can start efficiently and effectively contributing to the development of the education sector in Rwanda. As a starting point, the RENCP wishes to conduct a survey of local education NGOs registered in Rwanda. VSO will provide an expert volunteer for this survey. On behalf of the RENCP, SNV Netherlands Development Organisation, being the current leader, seeks the services of a consultant to work with the VSO volunteer on this assignment.

Objectives of the study

  • To identify local NGOs intervening in the education sector, their mandates and their respective major partners
  • Assess and determine the capacity needs of the identified local NGOs
  • Propose a sustainable mechanism to support capacity building of local NGOs


Together the local consultant and the VSO Volunteer Consultant will constitute the Survey Team.  The Survey Team will conduct the survey using a methodology approved by the RENCP and provide a report of the survey including but not limited to:  1). Executive summary 2). Description of the methodology used 3). A list of all registered NGOs with education mandate 4). Description of their mandates, activities, partners and their contact information 5), Factors affecting NGO functioning in the sector 6). Assessment of the NGO capacity needs for improving their visibility and functionality 7).Recommended NGO capacity development interventions

Duration and timing;

The survey will be conducted for 28 working days between 14th March and 15th April to include:  Desk research: 1 day, Design of survey instruments and sampling criteria: 1 day, Presentation of methodology and proposed sample to MINEDUC representatives and RENCP NGO Survey committee: ½ day, Field work: 18 days, Report preparation: 5 days, Validation workshop with MINEDUC, Donors, RENCP, respondents etc: ½ day, Report finalisation: 2 days


The survey will be funded by the RENCP using funds provided by UNICEF.  The fee for the local consultant will be agreed upon at the time of hire and will depend on their qualifications and experience.

Call for proposals

Interested local consultants should apply by 12:00hrs on Friday 11th February 2011. The complete Terms of Reference for this study can be accessed from the “Publications” section of the rencp website . The application should present clear proposals (not more than 6 pages) showing the methodology to be used and demonstrating: proof of experience in conducting surveys; good command of English and French (Note: the report shall be written in English); familiarity with research methodologies; good communications, analytical, organizing and negotiating skills; good interpersonal skills; ability to produce clear and concise reports and to work in a multicultural setting. The proposal should also indicate the proposed fee rates. The complete CV of the consultant must be appended to the proposal. Please send applications to with copies to and . Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

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