7 Member RENCP delegation to visit Zambia in October


In its work, RENCP is similar to Zambia’s Projects Coordination Committee (PCC), although much younger, having only been set up in December 2009 and launched in June 2010. RENCP members feel they have a lot to learn and a visit with the well developed PCC in Zambia could be an invaluable experience for the members during the infancy of RENCP.

Knowing of the potential to visit Zambia, SNV Rwanda has mobilised resources to facilitate a 5 day RENCP visit to Zambia for 7 members drawn from the following organisations: Ministry of Education, SNV, PLAN Rwanda, Millennium Villages, VSO, Wellspring Foundation for Education and Concern World Wide.

Terms of reference for the visit include:

  • Participation in and witness a PCC meeting in progress, if at all this is possible
  • Meeting with Ministry of Education, perhaps Permanent Secretary or Director of planning to see how the PCC is being accommodated and is seen to be contributing to sector development
  • Meeting with lead donors and or major donors to learn on the linkages between them and the PCC
  • Meetings with local NGO umbrella organisation, say Zanec, to appreciate how it undertakes lobby and advocacy and collaborates with the PCC.
  • Visits to selected project areas of some of the Zambian based branches of the organisations represented by the entourage or willing PCC members.

This RENCP learning visit to Zambia is supported by UNICEF.

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