Thousand Hills Literacy Ltd



Thousand Hills Literacy is an educational firm registered under Rwandan law, TIN: 103093975. Our services focus on raising the level of literacy for primary and pre-primary children in Rwanda.  We endeavor to transform basic education and showcase literacy acquisition as far more than simply learning the basics of how to read and write. Thousand Hills Literacy collaborates with schools, policy makers, publishers and libraries to make high-quality reading and writing instruction accessible to all children. We also create original children’s books in Kinyarwanda, French and English, in an attempt to fill the void of culturally relevant children’s literature in Rwanda.

Website address:

Physical Address:  Rue de Masaka, Kiyovu, Kigali

Mailing Address: P.O. Box

Directions to find Country Office:  Near Cercle Sportif, Kiyovu

Began work in Rwanda in year:  2013

Organization Leadership:

  • Sofia Cozzolino : Technical Director

E-mail –
Cell Phone –0786991120

Areas of Operations:

  • Advocacy: Kigali
  • Policy Development: Kigali
  • Curriculum Development: Kigali
  • Teacher Training: Kigali
  • Capacity Building: Kigali
  • Early Childhood Education/ Development: Kigali
  • Consulting services in School Reform,  Instructional Material Development and Publishing Children’s Literature : Kigali