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Chameleon Resources, registration number 103535064, is a total supplier of educational materials for young children geared towards learning through play. We design and develop innovative materials suitable for early years’ education. We do so by training, coordinating and monitoring activities of local craftsmen and artisans to produce toys fit for education in Rwandan context. We aim at producing high quality materials based on internationally proven curriculum and learning goals. Our emphasis on play-based learning incorporates play-based teaching. Therefore, we also offer training and support about the proper use of our materials for teachers, parents, local community and other education stakeholders.

Playing stimulates young children to learn in a natural way. By learning through play they develop specific, important life skills.

Our mission is to make educational play-based products available for early years’ development in Rwanda.

Our vision is to make learning playful and make sure that every education stakeholder (teachers, parents and local community) understands and uses our materials for educational purposes.

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Physical Address : KG 686 Number 35

Began work in Rwanda in year : 2015

Organisational leadership:

Educational activities:

  • Teacher Training
  • Capacity Building
  • Parenting/Community education
  • Early childhood education/Development
  • Resources & Equipment