Link Community Development


Link Community Development (Link) is a family of organisations working to transform education for children and communities across impoverished rural areas of Rwanda, Ethiopia, Ghana, Malawi and Uganda. For over 25 years we have supported nearly 2 million children in over 3,000 schools. Link began working in Rwanda in 2017 in partnership with MINEDUC.

Working directly with schools, communities and government, Link provides support and training for more effective teaching, improved school management, increased community engagement and better learner outcomes. Our mission is to inspire sustainable innovations in national education policy, using grassroots approaches to improve accountability and learning. 

How we work: 

  • Inside-out’ across whole districts and school systems. We do not set up parallel systems or ‘islands of excellence’ but rather develop fully tested models for replicable and systemic change. 
  • Engaging community stakeholders to support children’s learning and hold schools and governments accountable for delivering a better quality education. 
  • Inclusively by enabling genuine participation of marginalised and vulnerable groups. 
  • Using evidence-based solutions our School Performance Review cycle enables citizens and governments to use data as a meaningful foundation for school and district inputs and accountability. 
  • With 100% commitment to supporting Ministry of Education priorities at national and local levels. 
  • Investing in people by building capabilities for sustainability. 
  • Ensuring Value for Money Link offers a cost-effective and credible approach to transparent school improvement that delivers better learning. 
  • With a long-term commitment in partner districts, leading to trusting relationships and high levels of ownership by district and school communities.

Website address:

Physical Address: KG 17 Ave, Contrôle Technique Road, Opposite Gate 2 Amahoro Stadium, Kigali, Rwanda

Mailing/Postal address:

Main contact email:

Directions to find Country Office: Within the Health Poverty Action compound.

Began work in Rwanda in year: 2017

RGB Registration Number:  159/RGB/19

Leadership of organisation

Names: Edouard Rusanganwa                                                                                      Role: Project Officer                                                                                                                                                                Cellphone:+250788543495  

Educational Activity in  Nyaruguru District

  • Capacity Building
  • Girls’ Education 
  • Parent Community Involvement in Education
  • School Leadership & Management