Kageno provides early childhood education for kids aged 3 to 6 in communities where these services would not otherwise be provided. Every year; over 300 Children from vulnerable families most of them graduated from malnourished feeding; receive social lesson, English, Basic letters; math, hygiene and art in schools built by Kageno, all these guided by Rwanda Education Board curriculum. Everyday Students are provided with a nutritious meal cooked in Kageno’s Kitchen. The schools are equipped with proper latrines and an on-staff nurse who monitors children to ensure they are receiving adequate healthcare. Students are provided with uniforms and all educational materials.

Kageno assist other schools; nursery, primary and secondary; by feeding them with nutritious SOSOMA porridge every school day.

Kageno operate in other programs such as Health, where the clinic has been constructed in Banda village, water and sanitation whereby clean water system was constructed and supply water at 97% of Banda population, the clean latrines to poor families; and different health education including reproductive health education to teenagers in and out of schools. The environment program entails the promotion of agro forestry and land restoration with sustainable agriculture.  

Website address: www.kageno.org

Physical address: Rwanda; Nyamasheke District; Rangiro Sector; Banda Cell

Mailing/Postaladdress: P.O Box 238 Cyangugu/Rusizi

Main contact email: elie@kageno.org

Directions to find Country Office:

  • From Nyamasheke district office at NR7 take the Rangiro Road and drive 29 km
  • From Nyungwe National Park at Uwinka Visitor center  at NR6 take the Banda Road and drive 11 km

Began work in Rwanda in year:  2007

RGB Registration Number: No 25/RGB/17

Leadership of organisation

              Elie MUSABYIMANA

Role: Country Director                                                                                                      E-mail: elie@kageno.org                                                                                                    Cell Phone:+250 788223727

            Japhet HARERIMANA

Role: Community Programmes coordinator                                                                        E-mail: japhetharerim@gmail.com                                                                              CellPhone: +250 788639990