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RENCP REPRESENTATION Chairing Organization: WELLSPRING FOUNDATION  RWANDA Point person is Dr. Emmanuel Sibomana: Co-Chairing Organization: WORLD VISION RWANDA  Point Person is Egidia Umutesi: RENCP Secretariat: WELLSPRING FOUNDATION  RWANDA  Point Person is Stephane Nyembo : ================================================================ RENCP WORKING GROUPS :

1. Teacher Development and Education Leadership

Co-chaired by TEACH RWANDA an VSO Point Persons: William Whipple : Ruth Mbabazi : 

 2. Community Involvement in Education

Co-chaired by WELLSPRING FOUNDATION and UMUHUZA Point Persons: Vedaste Byombi Diane Gasana: 3. Equity and Inclusion Co-chaired by HANDICAP INTERNATIONAL and VSO Point Persons: Vincent Murenzi Ruth Mbabazi  4. Early Childhood Care and Development Co-chaired by SAVE THE CHILDREN Rwanda and PLAN INTERNATIONAL Rwanda Point persons:   Liliose Mukantagwera  Gilbert Munyemana  5. Girls Education Co-chaired by VVOB and KOMERA Point Persons :  Rosemary Musiimire Emma Rubagumya