Founded in 2005 UMUHUZA is a non-governmental organization geared towards promoting a culture of peace through peace education and peaceful conflict management.

The organization has been working since 2005 in Ngororero District and Kigali City on a community outreach program. Presently, the organization is expanding to work with Save the Children on a literacy promotion project in Gicumbi District beginning January 2013.


UMUHUZA believes that peaceful conflict management and human rights promotion are prerequisites to social cohesion and sustainable peace building.

Umuhuza values to:
  • Develop a culture of peace, mainly through values education.
  • Support early education in the context of the family.
  • Promote community- based programs.
Physical Address:  Kamatamu cell, Kacyiru sector, Gasabo District Mailing Address: P.O. Box 2030 Directions to find Country Office:  Kacyiru 100m after MINAGRI Began work in Rwanda in year:  2005 Main areas of operation: Peace education Enhancing capacities of mediators “Abunzi” Counseling victims of violence Dialogue with youth

Early childhood development Enhancing families’ capacities to nurture the learning potential of their young children while strengthening their own literacy skills

Organization Leadership:
  • Chief of Party : Kayitesi Mathilde
E-mail –  bmkayitesi@yahoo.comCell Phone +250788539555
  • Finance and Administration Manager : Niyonsaba Mathias
E-mail –  niyomathias2005@yahoo.frCell Phone – +250788755459
  • Senior Program Officer : Manishimwe Flavian
E-mail –  manishimwef@yahoo.frCell Phone – +250783494913 Educational Activities & Districts working in: 
  • Genocide education/social cohesion education: Ngororero & Gasabo
  • Parenting/community education : Ngororero & Gasabo
  • Early childhood education/development : Ngororero & Gasabo
  • Adult literacy : Ngororero & Gasabo