Three Stones Consulting



Three Stones Consulting Ltd is a locally registered consulting firm that offers professional consultancy services to NGO’s, CSO’s and government entities. Using a collaborative approach Three Stones works closely with organization leaders, staff, and stakeholders to enhance performance and enable organizations to better achieve their mission and vision. Our consulting services include: strategic planning, business plans, program analysis, capacity building, staff trainings, leadership development, monitoring and evaluation and impact assessment, curriculum development, and research studies. Through our work we have forged strong partnerships with over 50 organizations operating in Rwanda. Three Stones meets with individual partners regularly and meets with all partners as a network monthly during Three Stones Strategy Sessions. Local engagement and expertise ensures that Three Stones has a strong grasp of the Rwandan landscape and the priorities of donor agencies who are funding projects in Rwanda.

Our mission: is to partner with local organizations to assist in achieving their fullest organizational potential.

We envision:

  • CSO’s improving the quality of life of their beneficiaries
  • More effective and efficient organizations that will achieve higher impact
  • Local organizations better prepared to advocate for themselves within the development community
  • Experts coming together to meet specific needs of organizations in a holistic manner

Website address:

Physical Address: 1st Floor, Bridge 1 Building, KN 7th Road

Directions to find Country Office: 1st Floor, Bridge 1 Building, KN 7th Road, Muhima Sector, Nyarugenge District, Kigali.

Began work in Rwanda in year: 2012

Organization Leadership:

Jesse Routte

Role:  Managing Director                                                                              E-mail :                                               Cell Phone:  (+250) 787086858

Areas of Operations

  • Advocacy
  • Capacity Building
  • Leadership and Management