Sinapisi – Rwanda is a local Non – Governmental Organization based in Rwanda, Kigali, in the District of Kicukiro, Kigarama sector. This organization has its origin from the idea of ​​Jean Baptiste SENGAYIRE its Founder, who since 1991 had created the Mission of the Glorious Cross, and continued to develop strategies as a way to testify the charisma of their vocation.

Thus in 1992 he founded the organization SINAPISI – RWANDA initially called in French PAMASOR ( Programme d’Accompagnement aux Malades du Sida et des Orphelins Rejetes )  to provide support to vulnerable people especially those affected by HIV / AIDS who were marginalized  in the Rwandan society that time . On November 5th 2010 this organization changed its name and became SINAPISI – RWANDA; this change did not mean the change of its objectives, but it was due to the extension of its activities that hitherto were no longer limited to persons affected by HIV / AIDS only but to anyone who required consolation. The word “Sinapisi” finds its origin in the Holy Scriptures, in Matthew 13:32 where Jesus compares the kingdom of heaven to a mustard seed: “The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed that a man took and sowed in his field. It is the smallest of all seeds, but when it is grown, it is the largest of garden plants, which even becomes a tree , so that the birds of the air come and shelter in its branches.”  Thus this word reflects the development and growth of the activities of Sinapisi-Rwanda.

The organization SINAPISI – RWANDA is registered at the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs 18 August 1995 under n ° 787/17.04. It was again recorded in the Ministry of Local Administration and Social Affairs (MINALOC) July 30, 2002 and immediately received a provisional certificate No. 126, and finally SINAPISI RWANDA obtained a certificate of compliance on 23th July 2013 compared to the Rwanda Governance Board (RGB) under n ° 123/08.11.

The Vision of Sinapisi-Rwanda is to build a world where the most vulnerable and marginalized members of society will live in good socio- economic conditions and health by giving them the joy of life and making them participate actively and fully in the development of welfare human.

The Mission of Sinapisi-Rwanda is to create a synergy between the actions of solidarity for vulnerable children, people infected or affected by HIV / AIDS and other contemporary diseases, in strict respect for human rights and promotion of the human kid . SINAPISI – RWANDA wants to be active in education promotion, the fight against poverty and protecting the environment.

Philosophy: A local solution for local problems Principle: Let us live positively whatever the situation.  Value: Spirituality, dignity, compassion, solidarity, determination, efficacy, and efficiency.


  • Support program for AIDS affected people and rejected  orphans “PAMASOR”
  • Health program
  • Poverty fighting program
  • Peace education program
  • Environment protection program
  • Education program

Activities of SINAPISI related to Education

  • St Jacob Primary school
  • St Philip TSS
  • Peace Village Center (Orphinage village)
  • OVC Program

Website address:

Physical Address:  Rwanda, Kigali City, Kicukiro District, Kigarama sector, Kigarama cell

P.O. Box: 1692 Kigali-Rwanda

Directions to find Country Office: Gikondo-Nyenyeri, KK 31Av,    Plot no 220

Began work in Rwanda in year:  1992

Organization Leadership:

Areas of Operation:

  • Advocacy
  • Access to Education
  • Orphans & Vulnerable Students
  • Parenting/ Community Education
  • Early Childhood Education/ Development
  • Resources & Equipment