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Save the Children has been working in Rwanda since 1994. In the immediate aftermath of the genocide, Save the Children helped trace parents or relatives of thousands of children who had become separated from their families. Since then, Save the Children has been working in partnership with the government and local stakeholders to promote a bright future for Rwanda’s children including Education.

Our Education Programme provides a multi-faced delivery model of services for children aged 0-7 that focuses on beginning early, mastering foundational literacy skills and improving overall learning outcomes.

  1. Early Childhood Development:

Save the Children is working with parents, children, and early childhood teachers to promote healthy development of infants and toddlers through radio programs and peer-learning groups providing parenting education. This has helped to increase confidence of new parents in providing stimulation to young children and supporting early childhood development. The programme engages parents both female and and males adults, children as well as local authorities in programming.

First Steps (0-3) approach has been shown to have a significant positive impact on parent knowledge and beliefs about caregiving practices, health and hygiene practices, and children’s development. In addition, children received the Early Literacy and Math Initiative (ELMI) interventions (school-based or at home) had higher scores on literacy and math assessments than children who had not participated in the project.

  1. Quality Basic Education support through Mureke Dusome:

Save the Children Project Mureke Dusome began in 2016 in Rwanda to foster partnerships between schools and the broader community in a bid to improve primary grades children’s literacy outcomes.

 The program goals are three-fold:

  1. Strengthen the capacity of school leadership to promote school-community partnerships and improve student literacy.
  2. Increase effective community and parental involvement to improve literacy skills through community engagement and social and behavior change communication.
  3. Foster a culture of reading through civil society platforms and strengthening the supply and demand of the children’s book industry.                                                                                                                                                                             1. School for Change

Through the Child protection and child rights governance program, Save the Children aims at creating violence free schools and communities. This is achieved through training and mentoring of teachers, parents and teacher-parents’ committees on positive discipline in everyday teaching as well as advocating for the full legal prohibition of physical and humiliating punishment in all settings.

Change project (SFC) is a three year project that aims to deliver integrated child protection and literacy interventions in prevention and response to violence in order to improve children’s learning. The project aims to create safe child friendly schools and communities where children can be safe, achieve their potential as learners and pave the way for a better future

The intervention will focus on schools and communities by:

  • Building the capacity of school and community on positive discipline to improve attitudes and practice
  • Coordination, linkages and enforcement of Child protection support systems in school and community
  • Support the establishment of referral mechanism
  • Provision of books with CP messages and build the capacity and support to reading clubs.

The CP component will focus on policies, systems and duty-bearers. In schools and communities SC will work with teachers and parents/caregivers on Positive Discipline (PD) to ensure safe and conducive environments

Physical Address: Nyarutarama, Plot 204, KG 9 AV, House No.23, Remera, Gasabo

Postal Address: P.O. Box 2953, Kigali, Rwanda.

Main Contact Email:

For more information, contact us on: Office line:+250788381526

 Began work in Rwanda: 1994

          Organization Leadership

      Philippe Adapoe                                                                                     Role: Country Director         

                     Hartzell, Eleanor                                                                                                      Role:Director of Programme, Development and Quality                                                    Email:

                    Jacques SEZIKEYE                                                                                               Role:Education Manager                                                                                                     Cell Phone: +250 (0)788302281                                                                                          E-mail:

Districts of Operation

  • Education Programme: Burera, Rubavu, Ngororero, Ruhango , Gatsibo, Kirehe , Nyarugenge , Gasabo
  • Other programmes in : Rutsiro, Karongi, Nyanza, Huye, Gisagara, Nyamagabe,and Nyaruguru.

Educational Activities:

  • Early Childhood Education: Ruhango, Ngororero, Burera, Rubavu
  • Advocacy: National Level
  • Curriculum development: National Level
  • Teacher training: Burera,
  • Parenting/community education: Ruhango, Ngororero, Burera, Rubavu
  • Positive Discipline: Burera, Nyarugenge, Gatsibo, Kirehe
  • Children’s Books Development
  • Emergent Literacy

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