RED EEN KIND (Help a Child Rwanda)



Help a Child (HaC) is Christian development organization which focuses on children and youth in Africa and Asia. To be able to work in the different countries and to deliver aid according to the local needs, HaC works together with local partner organizations.

Mission Statement: Inspired by God’s love HaC wants to see children and their families grow in their full potential and live a live in dignity. God creates every child as a unique human being and He gives them the capacities to grow and develop. Because of the fact that children are so valuable for God, HaC, as a Christian development organization, wants to take care of His special beloved ones.

HaC believes that, if possible, it is the best option for children to be raised by their own family in their own community. To achieve this, the Child-Centred Community Development approach is used. This approach is defined as follows: “Community development seeks to empower individuals and groups of people by providing these groups with the skills they need to effect change for children in their own communities”.

Our core values

Development policies and activities are never value free. Every individual always carries his/her own values, background and worldview, which cannot be separated from his/her decisions and activities. Therefore we want to transpire the values of the organization, in order to be answerable to all stakeholders in this process. The core values are based on biblical perceptions. They are love, justice, compassion, reconciliation and stewardship.

Love can be considered the basic value, from which the other values flow. We are inspired, touched and motivated by the love of Jesus Christ. Since poverty is largely a matter of (in) justice, (dis)honesty, (in) equality and (re)distribution, we have a responsibility to advance the core value justice, both North and South.

Doing Justice will reduce the vulnerability and improve the resilience of the poor and enables them to take their rightful place in society. It prevents discrimination based on background, religion, race, gender or caste. Promoting the rights of children will prevent harm.

Compassion is a key value for addressing immediate and urgent needs. These tend to prevail when justice fails. Our loyalty is focused on the target group, consisting of the weak and vulnerable.

Because injustice and violence go hand in hand this means there is a great need for the essential value of reconciliation in many fragile areas where our partner organisations do work. Communities are torn apart by conflict and without reconciliation no end to the violence can be expected.

Stewardship is a core value, because God has made us all stewards of His creation. Everybody has his or her own responsibility. Imbalances, relational, institutional or global, do adversely effect the weak and the poor. Our own operations must be characterized by transparency, accountability, dedication and trust. That will make us answerable, humble and receptive to learning.

Help a Child started working in Rwanda since 2008 through local partner organizations (African Evangelistic Enterprise AEE-Rwanda, Bamporeze Association, and Eglise Episcopale au Rwanda-EPR).

In 2012, HaC opened an office and registered as NGO operating in Rwanda under Reg. 203/DGI&E/12. Apart from other integrated program in education, HaC is also leading the implementation of Active Learning Methods Project under Innovation for Education Fund supported by UKAID with the overall goal to improve the quality of education through active learning methods.

Website address:

Physical Address:  Avenue Kacyiru Road, KG 683St, Moucecore Building Centre

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 2540 Kigali-Rwanda

Directions to find Country Office:  Kacyiru, 3rd street Below American Embassy. Near MOUCECORE training Center.

Began work in Rwanda in year: Started working with Rwandan Partner  Organizations in   2008  with official Registration in Rwanda since 2012.

Organization Leadership:

Regional Representatives  Rwanda, DRC and Burundi:   Malvern Chikanya

Program Coordinator : Dinah Mutamba

Educational Activities:

  • Advocacy:  Gicumbi,Rwamagana,Rurindo,Rubavu,Bugesera
  • Teacher Training: Gicumbi,Rwamagana,Rurindo,Rubavu,Bugesera
  • Capacity Building: Gicumbi,Rwamagana,Rurindo,Rubavu,Bugesera
  • Access to Education: Gicumbi,Rwamagana,Rurindo,Rubavu,Bugesera
  • Orphans & Vulnerable Students: Gicumbi,Rwamagana,Rurindo,Rubavu,Bugesera
  • Parenting/ Community Education: Gicumbi,Rwamagana,Rurindo,Rubavu,Bugesera
  • Early Childhood Education/Development: Gicumbi,Rwamagana,Rurindo,Rubavu,Bugesera
  • Adult Literacy: Gicumbi,Rwamagana,Rurindo,Rubavu,Bugesera
  • Construction: Gicumbi,Rwamagana,Rurindo,Rubavu,Bugesera