Kigali Women Book Club



Kigali Women Book club is a Non-Government Organization created with the aim and objective of boosting and promoting a countrywide awareness on reading culture. Kigali Women Book Club herein referred to as KWBC, believes that Rwanda as a nation willing to build its future on development has to invest in its citizens. There is no other way to achieve that objective apart from building a knowledge based society. KWBC believes that through empowerment of women through literacy programs and project Rwanda can achieve that goal.

Its mission is to facilitate and encourage literacy programs through easy access of information (books, journals, magazines, it access) thus participating in socio-economic development and transformation for Rwanda to become a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable society. It is on a voluntary basis that KWBC is committed to becoming a pioneer in such an endeavor in the country, not ignoring the objective of becoming a flagship and model for other sector level women initiatives.

Kigali Women Book Club) was founded in the year 2013. Today K.W.B.C is legally registered as a non-governmental organization with RWANDA Governance Board Certificate no 022/2013 of   15 the May 2013. 

Website address:  Under construction

Physical Address:  KAGUGU,Village Batsinda

Directions to find Country Office:  Behind the village of Batsinda (250 households who were reallocated from Kiyovu to Kagugu cell. (Through RDB) investment of Business Development Center (BDC) in Kagugu cell (GASABO BDC)

Began work in Rwanda in year:  2013

Organization Leadership:

Legal Representative : UWINGABIRE  Twagira  Liliane

Deputy Legal Representative  : KABASINGA Bana Marie Florence

Educational Activities:

  • Parenting/community education : Gasabo & Kicukiro
  • Adult Literacy: Gasabo & Kicukiro
  • Reading Culture: Bugesera, Gasabo & Kicukiro