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About Kids Play International

Kids Play International is a nonprofit organization which aims to promote gender equity and the Olympic values by introducing less familiar sports to children in post-genocide affected countries. Grounded in the Olympic value of fair play, KPI leverages the positive attributes of sport to empower youth to challenge and shift gender, social and cultural norms that reinforce inequality. The organization creates a safe, positive environment through sport to renegotiate these harmful cultural norms, giving young girls the same opportunities as boys to reach their full potential and find better ways to live, work and play together.

KPI’s model is designed to ingrain deeply within a single community over an extended period to create sustainable, lasting change. Powered through the organization’s Let’s Play Fair and All Girls United programs, KPI offers both mixed-gender and single-gender, multi-sport opportunities that teach the values of respect and solidarity while demonstrating how both male and female genders contribute to a healthy community.


Founded in 2008, Kids Play International (KPI) uses sport to promote gender equity in communities impacted by genocide. With the goal of building a better community with a bigger purpose, KPI harnesses the power of sport and the Olympic value of Fair Play to inspire the next generation to positively shift gender norms in Rwanda. Rooted in the belief that sport can be a powerful catalyst for social change, KPI’s programs embrace and teach the inspirational Fair Play attributes of: respect, community, contribution, opportunity and moral courage.

KPI Team

In order to ensure local sustainability and program longevity, the KPI team is made up of men and women from within the Gatagara community; eight female and five male “Coaches” aged 24-35 receive on going intensive and interactive sport and gender equity training. Specifically recruited to be caring adult role models, nine of these Coaches are local school teachers, further contributing to local ownership and sustainability so that programs seamlessly become a part of village life.

Year round Let’s Play Fair community program
Let’s Play Fair activities are delivered year round to youth aged 7-18, and combines sport and interactive discussions to shift attitudes, behaviors and gender norms between girls and boys aged 7-18. KPI programs encourage the entire community to find better ways to live, work and play together.

Registration Number:
Our current temporary status number is: #55/RGB/NGO/2016 as Kids Play Rwanda, KPR

Website address:

Physical Address: Ngwa Cell, Mukingo Sector, Nyanza District, Southern Province

Mailing Address: (P.O. Box ) Kids Play Rwanda, P.O. Box #39, Nyanza, Nyanza, Rwanda

Directions to find Country Office: When driving from Kigali to Nyanza, you will drive for about 1, 15 minutes. Arriving at Gatagara take the turn right (marked by bus stop and signs – we are in the process of putting up a sign). Once on the dirt road, turn right- on the left side of the fork- continue until the next fork (1 km) and keep to the Right- you will see a sign welcoming you to Ngwa cell (another 1 km down the road). Continue until the next fork in the road and keep left- continue for about 1,5 km you will pass City of Joy school & church, and 50 metres further you will have arrived and Kids Play Rwanda head office on the right hand side of the road.

Began work in Rwanda in year: 2010

Organisational leadership:

Tracy Evans-Land 

Role: Founder                                                                          Email:                                                   Cell: +250782802543

USABYE Alice                                                          Email:

Educational activities:

  • Genocide education/social cohesion education: Nyanza
  • Curriculum development: Nyanza
  • Capacity building: Nyanza
  • Girls’ education : Nyanza
  • Parenting/community education: Nyanza
  • Sport for Development, Gender equity participatory education : Nyanza