Ishya Consulting



Ishya Consulting Ltd. is a consulting firm registered under Rwandan law, TIN: 102848385. Our services focus particularly on the domains of education and livelihoods, including the auxiliary areas of policy, research, and evaluation. In our consulting practice, we are committed to placing a balanced emphasis on the intellectual, material and ethical aspects of both individual and social well-being. In Kinyarwanda, the word “ishya” (pronounced EEE-shya) means prosperity. Ishya Consulting supports governmental and non-governmental organizations in Rwanda and the surrounding region in their efforts to promote human prosperity in the fullest sense of the term.

Website address:

Physical Address:  Niboye, Kicukiro

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1485 / Kigali, Rwanda

Directions to find Country Office: Located near the Niboye Cellule office.

Began work in Rwanda in year:  2012

Organization Leadership:

  • Director, Lead Consultant  –  : Catherine Honeyman

E-mail – / Cell Phone : (+250)788658311

Areas of Operation:

  • Genocide education/social cohesion education 
  • Advocacy:
  • Policy development
  • Curriculum development
  • Teacher training
  • Capacity building
  • Access to education
  • Girls’ education
  • Orphans & vulnerable students
  • Leadership/management
  • Parenting/community education
  • Early childhood education/development
  • Adult literacy
  • Consulting services in education and livelihoods: research, policy, program design, monitoring & evaluation, assessment, professional documentation

Consulting operations based in Kigali, but field visits conducted as needed for specific projects.