Generation Rwanda- Kepler




Since 2004, Generation Rwanda-Kepler (registration number:131/DGIE/2016) has enabled talented, but economically vulnerable Rwandan students to attend university and prepared them with skills needed to enter the workforce. Kepler provides students with top-quality higher education and the skills needed to secure meaningful jobs that allow them to support themselves and their families. We provide students in East Africa with access to accredited American degrees by partnering with Southern New Hampshire University’s innovative competency-based online degree program. This online work is paired with in-person coaching, support services and career preparation so graduates are able to meet the labor needs in their developing economies.

Kepler’s first cohort started at Kepler in October 2013 and consisted of 50 students. Today, the student body has grown over 10 times to more than 600 students. In 2015, Kepler opened a second campus in Kiziba refugee camp in Western Rwanda where it serves more than 75 students who are refugees from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In the same year, the Kigali campus began serving students from the neighboring country of Burundi. In 2016, we expanded to add students from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kenya, and Uganda, as well as students who are refugees living in Rwanda.

Kepler is committed to continue innovating its educational model to be as efficient as possible while guaranteeing a high-quality education and the acquisition of employment-ready skills to students. In the next few years, Kepler hopes to expand its reach across the African continent so students can complete international degrees and access meaningful pathways to employment at a competitive cost.

Name of organization:  Generation Rwanda – Kepler

Website address:

Physical Address:  Kimironko- Kigali

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 5594

Directions to find Country Office:  From Kimironko market, continue the main road to the former Kimironko prison, beyond Olympic hotel towards kwa Mushimire. We are located 250m downhill on the left corner of the road at KG 11 No.183

Began work in Rwanda in year:  2004 ( Registration number: 131/DGIE/2016)
Organization leadership:

Areas of Operation:

We work with Universities in the US and Rwanda such as College for America/ Southern New Hampshire and the University of Rwanda in the following areas:

  • Access to Education
  • Advocacy
  • Blended Learning
  • Curriculum Development
  • Girls’ Education
  • Support Orphans and Vulnerable Students
  • Leadership and Management
  • Entrepreneurship and Career Development
  • Education into Employment
  • Teacher training
  • Capacity building
  • Resources and equipment
  • Genocide education/social cohesion education