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FHI 360 offers a 360° perspective for addressing human development issues in more than 60 countries. Education, health nutrition, environment, economic development, civil society, gender, youth, research and technology are all inextricably linked to human development and thus, addressed by FHI 360 in an integrated and customized response.

In Rwanda, FHI 360 has been recognized as a leader in the use of ICTs to improve the delivery of quality education. Building off its four year, USAID-funded project—Rwanda Education Commons (REC)–that supported trainers of Teacher Training Colleges, FHI 360 currently implements the Mentorship Community of Practice (MCOP).

The Mentorship Community of Practice (MCOP) project is a project that aims at supplementing the School Based Mentorship Program initiated by the government of Rwanda through the Ministry of Education to address teacher quality by providing direct English and pedagogical support to basic education teachers through the use of appropriate technologies to directly connect mentors with their peers and provide access to relevant and high-quality resources, enabling them to find and share strategies that promote effective teaching and learning. MCOP began as a pilot program funded under the DfID Innovation in Education Fund in April 2013 and was implemented by FHI 360. Its success led a scale-up from April 2015 and today MCOP is funded by USAID in collaboration with the Ministry of Education’s Rwanda Education Board and partners for a period of 2.5 years.

Through Teacher Community of Practice online portal www.tcop.rw, it provides:

  • An online library housing resources to assist mentors in their work with teachers. Resources are sourced from local and international agencies, individuals and directly from the Rwanda Education Board.
  • A discussion forum for mentors to connect with their peers and experts in the fields of pedagogy and English acquisition
  • An SMS messaging support system.

In partnership with REB and URCE, With USAID Funds, Foundation of Reading in Kinyarwanda Course was launched and it is being delivered online to Kinyarwanda Primary Teachers.

Name of organization: FHI 360

Education Program: Mentorship Community of Practice (MCOP)

Website address: www.fhi360.org and www.tcop.rw

Rwanda Physical Address: FHI 360 Rwanda, Near St Paul & St Famille

Rwanda Mailing Address: P.O. Box: 3149, Kigali, Rwanda

Directions to find FHI 360 Office: FHI 360 Rwanda, Near St Paul & St Famille

Organization Education Leadership:

MCOP Project Director: Mrs Eustochie A. SEZIBERA
E-mail – esezibera@fhi360.org Cell Phone: (+250) 728508710

MCOP Deputy Director, Technology: Ildephonse Bikino
E-mail – ibikino@fhi360.org Cell Phone : (+250) 788304859

Educational Activities and districts working in:

  • Policy development: All districts
  • Teacher training: All districts
  • Capacity building: All districts
  • Resources & equipment: All districts
  • ICT in Education and education materials development: All districts
  • Literacy : All districts