Entrepreneurs Training Network (ETN) LTD



Entrepreneurs Training Network (ETN) ltd aims at developing workforces that are best suited to the industrial need, able to create jobs at their own through its initiative of entrepreneurship and its production unit. The company has developed its assets with the reliable tools that help individuals to enhance their skills and applicable knowledge through its delivered trainings so that they can be out by having a well refined idea to start their businesses and moreover enhancing their productivity, profitability and they would also help the participants to come out with needed skills outside at the market.

ETN LTD, working with governments, donors and other organizations, in providing life-changing experience, behavior, skills and knowledge through activities capable of fostering mental, physical, intellectual, social, economic and environmental development toward a durable, drastic and sustainable change in individuals, social groups, communities and nations.

Transforming lives and being agents of practical change.

To maintain an inclusive working environment that embraces good working business practices based on integrity, honesty and respect in dealing with our clients and stakeholders.

“Practical skills is an asset”.

Goals and Objectives:

• To equip entrepreneurs with practical skills so that they can initiate, manage and sustain their businesses successfully.
• To promote entrepreneurship culture and the self employment mind among the youth.
• To build the spirit of creativity, innovation and development in different churches and other walks of life in order to improve their member’s living standards.
• To introduce practical entrepreneurship clubs in different schools, higher learning institutions and Universities.
• Instill in the young ones, the destitute and less fortunate and, develop in them a strong will towards self-awareness and development through the recognition and the practice of their skills and talents.
• Train the destitute, less fortunate, delinquents and jobless in trades in order to bring a durable and positive reversal of mind set in individuals gearing to a fundamental transformation of the inner personality and behavioral change toward self-progress and sustainable wellness.
• Foster, form and instill the cooperative spirit in social groups, villages and agglomerations and initiate local and sustainable development for both individuals and the community.

Physical Address: KIGALI – RWANDA/ E-mail: ujefab@yahoo.fr

Directions to find Country Office: Airport – road, Remera.

Began work in Rwanda in year: 23rd December, 2013

Organization Leadership:

  • UJENEZA Fabrise - Managing Director
    Tel: +(250) 788222412 / E-mail: ujefab@yahoo.fr
  • JOSEPHINE NAZZIWA - Assistant managing director
    Tel: +(250) 785216420 / E-mail: muriza@yahoo.com

Areas of Operations:

  • Girls Education : RUBAVU
  •  Practical skills in ribbon bags making, soap making, candle making, Vaseline making, marketing, customer care, saving and entrepreneurship short courses : KICUKIRO, MUSANZE, RUBAVU,KABEZA