Teach A Man To Fish


Teach A Man To Fish is an International NGO, working in entrepreneurship education to address the issue of youth unemployment. We support schools around the world to provide quality, relevant skills-based entrepreneurship education that empowers young people with skills they need to succeed in work and in life, through school businesses. While serving as entrepreneurship education platforms, these enterprises improve the quality and relevancy of education, so that the students fulfil their potential in work and in life. This reduces youth unemployment in long term and empowers communities to lift themselves out of poverty-for good 

Teach A Man To Fish is an International NGO Registered in England no: 5533946 as UK charity no: 1112699 and registered in Rwanda under RGB no: 156/RGB/18 

Our mission is: To broaden access for the poor to a high quality education, combining Vocational training and entrepreneurship, by supporting institutions working in this field to increase their financial self-sufficiency. 

Website address: www.teachamantofish.org.uk

 Physical Address: Kicukiro district, Niboye Sector, Sovu Village, Street KK15 Rd, Sonatube K&M Building, 2nd Floor 

Directions to find Country Office: KK15 Rd, K&M Building, 2nd Floor 

Began work in Rwanda in year: 2014 

Leadership of Organization

Sharon Munyazikwiye

Role: Country Manager                                                                                                    E-mail: sharon@teachamantosifsh.org.uk                                                                          CellPhone: +250783158486

Emerence Dusabimana

Role: Program Manager                                                                                                      E-mail:emerence@teachamantofish.org.uk                                                                        Cellphone: +250788254894 

Areas of Operation

  • Nyaruguru District, Kicukiro District, Gicumbi District

Educational Activities

  • Capacity Building