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Until the end of 2015, Education Development Trust was called CfBT Education Trust. Our new name better represents the breadth of education improvement work we undertake around the world. For 50 years we have provided a range of education services, with a particular interest in school effectiveness. Internationally, we have successfully implemented diverse education programmes for governments in the UK, the Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa and South East Asia. EdDevTrust (CfBT) has been providing consultancy inputs to the education sector in Rwanda since 2001 including with the Rwanda Education Sector Support Programme, the Decentralised Education Performance and Monitoring, the Competence Based Curriculum and most recently the Education Sector Support Programme.

Education Development Trust is leading the implementation of The Building Learning Foundations (BLF), a three-and-a-half-year programme funded by the UK government which aims at improving learning outcomes in lower primary education (P1 to P3) in English and Mathematics. This is intended to improve the pupils’ learning achievement in higher grades, thereby increasing equitable access to primary and secondary education for children in Rwanda.  The Programme is structured around three interdependent Foundations:

Foundation 1

Improving Learning outcomes by enhancing the quality of teaching of English and Mathematics at Lower     Primary level (P1 to P3)

Foundation 2

Strengthening leadership for learning in all of Rwanda’s state-funded primary schools.

Foundation 3

Improving and consolidating of national, district, sector and school-level management systems.

These three Foundations are underpinned by two cross-cutting themes:                                  a)Ensuring equitable learning opportunities for pupils with Special Education Needs,  and                                                                                                                                b) Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning.

Website address:

Physical Address: Aigle Blanc Building, Kimihurura, KN 566 St, Kigali

Mailing Address : P.O. Box. 4251

Main contact email:

Directions to find Country Office: Aigle Blanc building just across from the Kigali Convention Centre.

Began work in Rwanda in year: Building Learning Foundations activities began in July 2017. Education Development Trust has been providing consultancy work in Rwanda since 2001 under their former name CfBT in the Rwanda Education Sector Support Programme                                                                                                                          RGB Registration Number: 002/RGB/17

                           Organization Leadership

                       Anders Lonnqvist                                                                                     Role: Team Leader                                                                                                          Email:                                                          Cell: (+250) 788310109

                       Joy Griffiths                                                                                            Role:  Education Technical Lead                                                                                      Email :                                                Cell: 0788319424

                      Athman Ali                                                                                                    Role: Educational Performance Manager                                                                            Email:                                                                    Cell: 0780468173

                      Silas Bahigansenga                                                                                    Role: Programme Manager                                                  Email:                                                  Cell: 0788434790

Areas of operation: 

We operate in all districts of Rwanda in the following areas of  activities:

  • Capacity building
  • Leadership/managementh
  • Children with Disability
  • Language Learning- English
  • Literacy
  • Special Educational needs