CLUB-PESCT (Club pour la Promotion de l’Education Socio-Culturelle et de la Technologie)




  • CLUB PESCT is in French, a term which means CLUB pour la Promotion de l’Education Socio-Culturelle et de la Technologie;
    CLUB PESCT is a National Non-Governmental Organization founded by MUNYESHULI Dogratias in 2004 to participate in Education For All application process;
    Through the notified statutes and District certificate collaboration obtained in 2010, CLUB PESCT established an Early Childhood Care Development Center(ECCD Center) and Improving the Reading Culture by Community Mobile Library Project(CMLP) in poor areas of Nyarugenge District, Nyamirambo Sector;
    Its Offices are in Nyarugenge District, Nyamirambo Sector, in Mumena Cell.CLUB PESCT received the Certificate of Compliance and registered in RGB (Rwanda Governance Board) on January 10, 2014. It has the:
    Vision: Education For All;
    Mission: Helping the vulnerable population;
    Core values: Service-Education-Progress;
    Objectives are to :1. Help the youth with little financial assistance who are not in schools to develop their talents in establishing the training and vocational schools;
    2. Continuous training of those children /youth against HIV/AIDS and pregnancies not desired;
    3. Develop youth talent as far the socio-cultural sector;
    4. Teach more values of Rwandese culture through youth;
    5. Assist parents to prepare their children creating ECCD Centers, Primary, Secondary school and University studies;
    6. Fight against the poverty creating the jobs for a good number of unemployed people.

    In collaboration with the different partners in Education field, CLUB PESCT hopes to widen its educational activities for others Districts in Rwanda. Therefore, CLUB PESCT is a full member of:

    1. Joint Action of Development Forum (JADF Nyarugenge);
    2. Rwanda Education NGOs Coordination Platform (RENCP);
    3. Rwanda Reads (RR);
    4. Peace one Day Coalition.

Physical Address:Nyarugenge District, Nyamirambo Sector, Mumena Cell, Akatabaro Village

Directions to find Country Office:

Began work in Rwanda in year: 2011 

Organization Leadership:

  •  Legal Representative : MUNYESHULI Deogratias

E-mail : / Cell Phone: +250788743277 / 0728743277 / 0788453985

  • Deputy  Legal Representative :YANSONEYE  Ephrem

E-mail : / Cell Phone:+250788623928

  •  Secretary : MUTAMURIZA Gloriose

E-mail : / Cell  Phone : +250788292100

Educational Activities & Areas of Operation:

  • Parenting/community education : Nyarugenge
  • Early childhood education/development : Nyarugenge

If you are interested by our mission, please do not hesitate to contact us for making a partnership and sharing the experience on address above and on this e-mail address: