Members of RENCP in a General Assembly meeting

Members of RENCP in a General Assembly meeting

Welcome to the website of the Rwanda Education NGO Coordination Platform (RENCP)! Our mandate is to serve as a body for NGO representation, information sharing and coordination within Rwanda’s Education Sector.  With 80+ member organizations and growing with each month, we truly hope to be a platform where NGO’s investing in education can be reminded that other NGO’s aren’t “the competition” but friends and fellow workers that serve together for the benefit and blessing of Rwanda’s children and youth.  We need to constantly learn with each other, with the Ministry of Education and its various affiliated institutions, and with local government to ensure better coordinated, better informed, and better quality of educational service for the precious people of Rwanda.

At the heart of the RENCP are 5 working groups established by member organizations to directly collaborate within thematic areas ranging from Early Childhood Care and Development to Teacher Development and Educational Leadership.  Chaired by member organizations, these working groups self-organize learning labs, field visits to areas of operation, provide input into policy dialogue, and much more.

On a quarterly basis, the whole membership of the RENCP is welcomed to a General Assembly in which a macro-view of Rwanda’s education sector is fostered through feedback from working groups and development partners.  New opportunities and new food for thought are introduced for the benefit of the whole membership, and General Assemblies are also valuable times of networking.

As Chair and Co-Chair of the RENCP, PLAN Rwanda and Save the Children have the responsibility of fostering communication, coordination and representation across the RENCP. Within this role we will also be actively soliciting and providing timely feedback into the policy-making framework where the Ministry of Education graciously invites RENCP representation.

So if you are an NGO in Rwanda’s education sector, Join us to learn & share so that your contribution can be maximized.  If you are already a member organization, dig in! Working together we will make a bigger difference in the lives of the next generation of Rwanda’s leaders…. They deserve it!