Bringing together partners that aim to address same or similar issues not only brings synergy and better coordination but also helps to achieve the target in a cost-effective way and in a timely manner. RENCP is aiming at that. That is the reason why REB senior management supports this umbrella and calls current and forthcoming members of RENCP to be more active and cooperative…”. Dr NDAYAMBAJE IrenĂ©e,Director General of the Rwanda Education Board (REB)

Welcome to the website of the Rwanda Education NGO Coordination Platform (RENCP)!

RENCP was born in June 2010 with the mandate to serve as a body for NGO representation, information sharing and coordination within Rwanda Education Sector.

RENCP is co-chaired by 2 member organizations that are voted annually by its members. The platform is currently co-chaired by Wellspring Foundation Rwanda and World Vision Rwanda.

With more than 90 member organizations and growing with each month, we strive to ensure that:

  • Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) investing in education have harmonized initiatives
  • NGOs investing in the education sector are offered a FREE of charge platform where other NGOs are viewed as friends and partners rather than competitors and challengers
  • All NGOs active in the education sector are well represented and that no education NGO is left behind
  • We constantly learn with each other, with the Ministry of Education and its various affiliated institutions, and with local government to ensure better coordinated, better informed, and better quality of educational service
  • Education CSOs are given the opportunity to actively solicit and provide timely feedback into the policy-making framework where the Ministry of Education graciously invites RENCP representation.

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